Adobe Adds HTML5 Pack To Illustrator CS5

Adobe Systems has released support for HTML5 on its Illustrator CS5 designing software.

Market Watch reveals that the California-based software developer will offer its Adobe HTML5 pack for its Adobe Illustrator CS5 as an add-on.

The add-on is said to offer support for HTML5 and for the third version of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS3), as well as with increasing capability for Illustrator's scalable vector graphics (SVG).

The package will enable developers to design their content and port them to a number of different locations, such as web pages, mobile phones and tablet computers, all at once.

"The HTML5 Pack for Illustrator CS5 gives designers and developers the power to deliver high-quality graphic content for the web that can look great, no matter what the screen," said Lea Hickman. director for creative and interactive solutions at Adobe.

Adobe has released the HTML5 Pack add on for Apple's Mac operating system and Windows. It is available at company's Adobe Labs website as a free download.