AMD promises Llano for 2011

Chip wannabe Advanced Micro Devices is preparing to unleash is first Llano-based chips during the early half of 2011.

The outfit's higher-end notebook silicon that 'fuses' GPU and CPU will be available by summer 2011, AMD's worldwide product marketing veep Leslie Sobon, told Inside Hardware.

The chips currently codenamed Llano are designed for mainstream and high-end notebooks, and AMD says its Ontario and Zacate chips will power cheaper notebooks and netbooks, although the company is playing down the importance of the tablet market - wisely if you ask us.

Sobon said: "We are shipping Ontario and Zacate in Q4 this year, and products should hit the shelves early next year. Llano will start shipping in the first half or 2011, and products should be available in summer 2011.

"While Ontario is oriented towards the netbook market, Llano is for the bulk of the market, in terms of mainstream and high-end notebooks and mainstream desktops. As we move from Zacate and Ontario platforms to Brazos, you will get more features, more functionality.

Sobon said AMD is "closer to the market dates" with Ontario and Zacate, but refused to be drawn on Llano.

"Designing and selling to our customers is well under way, since it takes 12 to 18 months for notebook products to hit the market. And let me tell you one thing about Llano, the reaction of all our partners after seeing the demo was, in one word, 'whoa'," Sobon remarked.

Llano will be manufactured by GlobalFoundries on its 32 nm SOI/HKMG process.
Labelled an APU or accelerated processing unit by AMD, the first offerings will have up to four 3GHz cores and sport over 35 million transistors