Apple revamps App submission

Apple has announced they have relaxed the restrictions they put in place for developers earlier on in the year, particularly surrounding the development tools used to create apps and Apple are also set to publish submission guidelines as well.

Apple placed restrictions earlier on this year, which tightened up the way applications were written and these have been removed. Their covet now state that as long as the application doesn't download any code they're ok with whatever tools are used to write the app, which wasn't the case beforehand.

Apple will also be publishing App Store guidelines for the very first time, which is a positive step in the right direction to be more open. These rules will also provide developers advice on what to steer clear of, when writing an App.

In the past apps have been turned away from being in the Apple App Store for inexplicable reasons, where there's now a hope the published rules and regulations will help set the record straight.

One Mobile Rings believes with no rules surrounding the writing of apps those developers might very well place them on Cydia, for use with jail broken Apple devices just in case they will be rejected. These new guidelines might very well mean they'll think twice about submitting them elsewhere and pass them along to be submitted to Apple instead.

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