Dual-screen Acer laptop leaked

Leaked photos of a dual-screen laptop made by Acer have appeared on the web.

The device, which looks to all the world like a traditional laptop until you realise the keyboard has been replaced with a second touch-screen display, first appeared on Tech Review Source.

The blurrycam snaps show the horizontal display sporting an on-screen keyboard and trackpad very much akin to those on Apple's proddable devices - with the exception of a Windows key, of course.

The anonymous source of the pictures says the prototype has two 15-inch displays, an Intel Core i5 CPU and runs Windows 7, although it is reportedly 'slow and buggy'.

We're not entirely convinced by the whole tablet computing concept as is stands, and nailing two of them together doesn't really add anything to the mix as far as we can see. It'll be a long time before we give up our nice clacky keyboards without a fight but feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments below.