Froyo Now Running On 28.7 Per Cent Android Devices

Google has announced that its Android 2.2 operating system, codenamed Froyo, now runs on 28.7 per cent of all Android devices.

In a post made on the Android Developers blog, the company explained that Froyo accounted for 28.7 per cent of devices, with most of the activations taking place in August.

Android 2.1 remained the most-used Android mobile phone OS in the market, with a share of 41.7 per cent. However, Google said that most of the devices were running an Android 2.1.x version of Android, instead of upgrading to Android 2.2.

Android versions 1.5 and 1.6 also accounted for a market share of 12 per cent and 17.5 per cent respectively.

Google's OS has been struggling against suggestions of fragmentation for a long time now. Mobile phone markers and service providers have been slow to offer Android OS upgrades to their customers and some Android users, such as Samsung's Galaxy smartphone owners, are forever stuck with Android 1.6.