Google Damages Users' Brains

Google's search engine is damaging users' brains, an author has claimed.

Nicholas Carr, the author of the book 'The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains', has claimed that Google is stunting mental growth of users who use the platform to search for information.

He proposed that making websites like Google more difficult to use would ensure that people actually use their brains when looking for information online.

Carr said in a statement to BBC News: “In many ways I admire Google, but I think they have a narrow view of the way we should be using our minds.”

"They have this very much of an industrial view that everything's about how efficiently you can find that particular bit of information you need - and then move on to the next."

He claimed that Google's efforts of making the web simpler are actually having adverse affects on users' intellectual capacity.

"When you think about how we're coming to depend on software for all sorts of intellectual chores, for finding information, for socialising - you need to start worrying that it's not giving us, as individuals, enough room to act for ourselves," he added.