Google updates mobile maps

Internet search giant Google has released a new version of its mobile map software for Android, which now includes more features for pedestrians.

Google Maps for mobile 4.5 now offers a better walking experience, where the app is more pedestrian friendly by navigating around the likes of steep hills when it's unnecessary to climb them. This version also brings in a vibrate option to notify when a turn is needed, whilst the voice guidance can be disabled as it's a tad distracting when walking.

The Google satellite view is enabled by default , which provides a better view of the surrounding areas whilst walking and a better understanding of the topography too.

Street View for the mobile is also included in this version, just adding that extra touch to make sure you're on the right course and not veering off the path of choice.

Google maps links up with the phone's compass more, where if the handset is pointed in a different direction - the view also changes on Google maps.

The walking functionality is still in beta though, where the cartographers might not have the most recent maps but this could add an extra element by seeing how much has changed since they where last there taking images.

Google maps for mobile 4.5 is now available to download and install free of charge from the Android Market, for Android 1.6 onwards.

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