Halo : Reach Game Launch Attracts Hundreds In London

Microsoft has delegated a Spartan complete with a jetpack to London's Trafalgar Square to mark the launch of Halo : Reach, the prequel of Halo : Combat Evolved, at midnight.

Hundreds are expected to flock through the doors as the fourth game of the series - and the last by Bungie - finally arrives on the shelves.

The game will be launched in 25 countries worldwide and Microsoft is expecting that a significant portion of the 2.7 million gamers who participated in the multiplayer beta trial back in May 2010 convert into buyers. A spokesperson for a major high store shop confirmed that sales of the game are likely to hit the million milestone in the run-up to Christmas.

Around 34 million copies of Halo have been sold worldwide with an estimated 3.3 billion hours worth of gaming (that's nearly 100 hours per copy) played on Xbox Live.

Whether Halo : Reach will manage to beat the Call of Duty 2 : Modern Warfare, to become the biggest selling multi-platform game of all time remains to be seen but given that the Xbox 360 gaming console is enjoying some excellent sales lately thanks to some clever marketing, we'd be flabbergasted if Halo : Reach doesn't reach the top of sales chart within hours.