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Intel updates SSD Toolbox

Intel has released the latest version of its SSD Toolbox, but some long-standing issues still remain.

Designed to improve the performance on Intel-brand solid-state drives on Windows systems, the toolkit is a free download provided by Intel as a sort of 'thank-you' for your purchase. Using TRIM technology to keep things ticking along, it's offered SSD owners a handy tool for checking the health and maximising the performance of their drives.

The latest release, Intel SSD Toolbox version 2.0, adds functionality to optimise the settings of your operating system for maximum performance with an SSD, tweaking the SuperFetch and pre-fetch settings to values more suited to an instant-access SSD rather than a mechanical spinning drive.

ReadyBoost gets a configuration change, too, while support for the DIPM power saving feature means that laptop users might be able to eke a few minutes more precious battery life out of each charge.

Intel claims that the changes made by the Toolbox will not only improve performance, but can even enhance the longevity of your drive by disabling features like Windows' built-in defragmentation functionality - a feature which serves no purpose on an SSD anyway.

Intel has also added support for Secure Erase to this release, although for obvious reasons the feature will only work if the SSD is your secondary drive.

Sadly, it's not all good news. Issues that have been around since the utility first appeared are still causing problems, including incompatibility with certain models of laptop, an inability to work on RAID or dynamic disks that have more than one partition, and a requirement for the drive to be formatted as NTFS.

Despite these drawbacks - and assuming that your system isn't one of those affected by a critical bug - it's worth a download if you're running an Intel SSD.

You can grab the install from Intel's Download Centre (opens in new tab) for free, but remember you'll need that all-important Intel logo on your SSD to make use of it. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.