iPad 2.0 To Carry Facetime Camera : Report

There are rumours that Apple may be looking to break the rules and launch a follow up product to its iPad tablet less than one year after it was introduced.

Apple Insider writes that this might be a real possibility according to someone with deep knowledge of Apple's future product roadmap; the person also added that the next version of the iPad will have a built-in camera and support for FaceTime video conferencing feature.

One of the reasons why Apple is moving quickly is the perceived threat of rival tablet devices like the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Although Google has yet to announce the release of a Facetime-like feature in the next iteration of Android (AKA Gingerbread), observers have noted that this could be done very quickly.

Indeed, most Android-based tablets on the market, even the cheap $100 model, are equiped with at least one VGA front-facing camera.

There are also rumours that Apple may be looking to promote the adoption of Facetime as a video conferencing standard ahead of anyone else, a move similar to what it did to Quicktime.

Steve Jobs has announced that it wants tens of millions of Facetime-equipped devices to be available worldwide by the end of the year and the only way this can happen is if other rival services join the bandwagon.