Microsoft Helping Russia To Crack Down On Dissidents

Microsoft is reportedly helping the Russian governemnt to crack down on dissidents.

The New York Times reveals that the software giant, as part of itsits anti-piracy campaign, is helping Russian authorities get rid of advocacy groups.

Russian police have confiscated the computers of a number of groups who have voiced concerns against government policies, on the pretext of suspicion of using pirated copies of Microsoft's Windows operating system.

Recently, the police raided office of environmentalist group Baikal Wave and confiscated all the computers they found in the premises.

The group has claimed to have shown receipts and licenses of the legal OS copies being used in the office, but to no avail. The group is has been actively protesting against the president's decision to reopen a paper factory that had severely damaged the nearby Baikal lake and water life.

"We have to protect our products from piracy, but we also have a commitment to respect fundamental human rights. We are open to feedback on what we can do to improve in that regard," said Kevin Kutz, director of public affairs at Microsoft in response to the NY Times.