Microsoft Highlights Faster IE9 Graphics

Microsoft has highlighted the difference between partial and full GPU acceleration in web browsers as it prepares to launch the first public beta of Internet Explorer 9.

In a blog post titled 'The Architecture of Full Hardware Acceleration of All Web Page Content', the software giant explained exactly what hardware acceleration is and why Internet Explorer 9 will render better web graphics that its competitors, like Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

Ted Johnson, the program manager for web graphics, wrote on the blog: “the hardware-accelerated implementations of other browsers generally accelerate one phase or the other, but not yet both. Delivering full hardware acceleration, on by default, is an architectural undertaking.”

Chip maker Intel, ahead of the launch of its Sandy Bridge chip architecture, has released a new video showing Internet Explorer 9 GPU acceleration on the Core i series of chips, which will come with the Sandy Bridge processors. The company explains that the web browser accelerates on graphics hardware that supports DirectX 9.