Microsoft Ignored Bing Instant Search Opportunity

Microsoft could have implemented instant searches on Bing one year ago, but chose not to, a company executive has claimed.

In a report published by One News Page, it has been revealed that the director for Bing at Microsoft Stefan Weitz, claimed that the company could have rolled out the same technology used for Google Instant in 2009, in an interview with USA Today.

Programmer Long Zheng had developed similar technology to that used in Google Instant for Microsoft's Bing over one year ago. However, the Redmond-based software giant did not consider it a worthwhile enough endeavour to be further developed and ignored it, WWWery reports.

Instant is designed to speed up the searching process for a user by providing search results before the user finishes typing the query.

The new technology brings new accolades for Google, leaving a trailing Microsoft to wonder why it ignored the chance to outshine its main rival and implement 'Bing Instant' last year.