News@10: Windows Phone 7, Google Overtakes Facebook & Ofcom

Microsoft has organised a funeral ceremony near its headquarters in Redmond where some employees paraded coffins and hearses for Windows Phone 7 rivals including the iPhone and the Blackberry.

According a survey conducted by UK telecom regulator Ofcom, almost half of UK broadband and fixed line customers feel that changing their service provider is "too much hassle". Ofcom said that 45 per cent of consumers were wary of changing their broadband or fixed line service provider as the process involved in too tedious and time consuming.

BT has partnered with Cisco Systems to launch the Content Connect broadband TV platform. The UK telecom giant announced the deal under which the San Jose, California-based enterprise networking giant Cisco Systems will run its forthcoming BT Content Connect service (BTCC).

The iPhone and the iPod Touch devices may be helping Apple catching up on Nintendo and its DS console range when it comes to playing games on the move.

Facebook is now the most popular website in the US, overtaking Google, a new report has shown. The social networking giant, in August, managed to surge ahead of search giant Google to become the most popular website for US users.