Nvidia launches GeForce GTS 450

Nvidia has officially unveiled another string to its Fermi bow: the budget to mid-range GeForce GTS 450.

Designed, the company claims, to offer the best DirectX 11 performance in its price category at "mainstream" resolutions between 1280x1024 and 1600x1050, the GTS 450 is Nvidia's latest attempt to capture the middle-ground PC gaming market - those that don't want to spend more than the cost of a console on a single piece of hardware.

Despite the budget approach, the specifications are nothing to sniff at - offering up to 65 per cent better performance in DirectX 11 tessellation than AMD's rival Radeon HD 5750, and even managing a 30 per cent improvement in acceleration of DirectX 9 and 10 titles.

The company has trotted out a plethora of stars to trumpet its achievement, with industry veteran Sid Meier - creator of the Civilization series of strategy games - stating that Nvidia's latest card "makes huge strides in expanding DX11 capability to the masses, [and] Civilization V plays beautifully on the GTS 450," while Shinsaku Ohara, Dead Rising 2 lead at Capcom, claims that his team is "excited about the GeForce GTS 450, which brings awesome performance to a very affordable price point."

As always, it's the money that's key: positioned below the company's existing GeForce models, the GTS 450 is designed to be affordable for the more moderate gamer - and, with most UK distributors pricing the cards at somewhere between £95 and £110 retail for the 1GB model, Nvidia could well be giving AMD cause for concern with this latest release.

Cards based around the new GTS 450 core are available for purchase now, including the pictured model from Nvidia licensee Palit.