Sony Launches Anti-Kinect Site

Sony has launched an interactive anti-Kinect site, explaining why buttons are important for gaming.

The launch comes as both Microsoft and Sony ready to launch their own motion sensing gaming peripherals for their respective consoles.

The website, Yay Buttons, offers an interactive image of the PS Move controller. When users press the buttons, they are presented with speech bubbles explaining why buttons are important for gaming.

On the site, Sony points out that buttons can be used to do virtually anything, such as entering cheat codes and firing weapons.

Sony's new site pokes fun at Microsoft's Kinect, which offers controller-free gaming to users.

The Kinect allows users to play games using their entire bodies as controllers - something that Sony believes is not the correct way to play a game.

Another section of the website, called Move V/S Stuff, gives a chart of the features that come with the Move, many of which are absent from both the Kinect and Nintendo's Wii.