Target Rumoured To Sell iPad From 3 October

Apple's iPad will soon be on sale through consumer electronic device retailer Target, a rumour has suggested.

Tech news site Engadget has revealed that Apple may start to sell its iPad through Target in the United States as early as the beginning of next month.

"It’s not quite the definitive proof but a tipster has sent us a few pieces of a puzzle that seem to suggest that Apple could be expanding the iPad’s retail presence into Target stores," wrote Engadget.

According to Apple Insider, ( Target is ready to sell a new device from 3 October. The device has been listed in its Digital Audio section and is priced at six price points - as is the iPad, which costs between $499 and $829.

The news follows Walmart's announcement that it will sell the iPad by the end of 2010.

Apple has recently reduced the shipping time for the device to 24 hours, indicating that there is no longer a shortage of the devices.