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UKBA Renegotiates IABS Contract With IBM

Renegotiating the Immigration and Asylum Biometric System (IABS) contract with IBM may save the UK coalition government £50 million.

Immigration minister Damian Green has said that the government can save £50 million if it renegotiates the deal with IBM for its UK Borders Agency (UKBA) project.

According to Computing (opens in new tab), the government has plans to enter a deal worth £191 million with IBM to develop the IABS for its UK Borders Agency project.

The savings will be made by excluding plans to archive finger prints of UK residents.

The program was initially a part of the seven year contract which also included biometric visas, registration cards for asylum seekers and biometric residence permits. However, now the IABS will only include fingerprints of people visiting the UK.

"UKBA has been able to save £50m from the contract price by removing components that stored data on UK nationals, and which are no longer needed," said Green. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.