Want to read Stephen Fry's memoirs?

King of the Nerds, unapologetic Apple fanboy and national institution Stephen Fry has released his new autobiography as an iOS4 App.

Based on his latest literary offering The Fry Chronicles, MyFry is an "Innovative and Groundbreaking" new way to read according to publisher Louise Moore.

The memoirs are presented in a non-linear way with 112 self contained 'sections' accessible using a colour-coded touch-screen wheel categorised and cross indexed so that you can read the book in any direction you fancy. "Instead of reading my book in a boring old beginning-to-end fashion," says Fry, "we thought you might like to read it backwards, or upside down, or from the inside out and back again."

The £7.99 App contains the entire text of the made-from-trees version of the book which you can also buy in hardback for £20 or soft cover for £7.99. The App also includes eight videos of Fry discussing various events and a number of photographs.

Early reviews are generally favourable as far as the content is concerned, but raise some issues over the technology, bemoaning the inherent fiddliness of the interface on iPhone and iPod, and the lack of a dedicated iPad version.