260,000 Nokia Smartphones Sold Daily : Nokia World 2010

Nokia has reaffirmed its status as the biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world that it is currently selling more than 260,000 smartphone worldwide, more than Android and iOS combined, according to its executive vice president and general manager of Markets unit, Niklas Savander.

At the last count, Android had 200,000 handsets activated daily (and use Google Services) according to Eric Schmidt back in August 2010. That figure is up from 160,000 handsets one month earlier.

Steve Jobs said that Apple sold more than 230,000 Apple iOS devices every day; these include iPad, the iPod Touch and the iPhone. Bnet estimates that Apple sells around 141,000 iPhone handsets per day.

This means that sales of Android and iPhone should be much higher than Nokia's claims with more than 10 million handsets sold per month.

Savander also mentioned that Nokia expects to sell more than 50 million Symbian^3 smartphones with the first of the devices, the N8, having attracted 100 operators from "dozens" of countries worldwide.