Amazon Mocks iPad In New Kindle Ad

Online retail giant Amazon has launched a new advert for its latest Kindle e-book reader, mocking Apple's iPad for its reflective LCD screen.

The advert has been created to highlight that the Kindle's eInk screen works even in bright sunlight, making it better than the LCD screen featured on Apple's iPad.

The ad shows two people sitting beside a pool, one with the latest Amazon Kindle, and the other with an iPad.

As the iPad user struggles to read on his device, trying to cover the screen from the sunlight, the bikini-clad Kindle user is reading without difficulty, not at all being bothered by the sunlight.

When asked how she can read in such bright sunlight, the woman replies: “It’s a Kindle.”

Amazon also takes a jab at the iPad's pricing, which is available for at least $499, considerably more than the $139 price for the new Kindle.

“I actually paid more for these sunglasses,” she says.