Apple Mac OS X Celebrates 10th Birthday

Apple has celebrated the tenth anniversary of its flagship operating system, Mac OS X.

According to tech news site Mac World, Apple released the first beta version of its Mac OS X software, designed to take the place of its older operating system Mac OS, in 2000.

The Mac OS, launched in 1990, was released at a time when Apple had been struggling to survive under a series of chief executive officers.

At the time, Mac OS X was developed on the Openstep technology acquired from Steve Jobs's company Next, under then CEO Gil Amelio.

Steve Jobs founded Next in 1985 when he was forced to resign as CEO of Apple that year.

Jobs later went on to replace Amelio as an interim CEO due to financial constraints faced by the company.

The complete version of Mac OS X, v10.0 Cheetah, was released in 2001, and has continued to be updated and improved upon throughout the years, with the newest iteration, v10.6 Snow Leopard, released last year.