Apple Ready To Ship 27-Inch Cinema Display

Details of Apple's upcoming 27-inch Cinema Display LED screen are up on the company's online store, indicating that the new screen will be released soon.

Tech news site AppleInsider reports that the configuration pages for Apple's Mac Pro, Macbook Pro, Macbook and Macbook Air have been updated with the information of the new display, but does not specify exactly when it will start shipping.

Currently, only Apple 24-inch and 30-inch Cinema Display screens are available for purchase.

Apple has said that the new Cinema Display will come with a wider screen, LED backlighting, an ambient light sensor, 49-watt speakers and a built-in microphone and web cam for video conferencing.

The new screen will also support all new, recently released Macs and will double up as a charger for the MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

Apple has also said out that the new display is the most environment friendly display ever made by the company.

The company said: “It uses mercury-free, energy-efficient LED backlight technology and an ambient light sensor that dims automatically to save energy and provide more comfortable viewing in less brightly lit rooms.”