Australian Scammers Secretly Sell Man's House

Australian authorities are investigating a one-of-a-kind house sale scam, in which a man's property was sold-off by scammers when he was out of the country.

Roger Mildenhall had to return to the country when one of his neighbours informed about the sale of his US $451,316 property in Perth, later finding on his return that his main house was up for sale as well.

Australian authorities has said that the scammers used a hacked e-mail account and telephone line to facilitate the fraud.

Mildenhall has hired a lawyer to recover the sold property and has taken his main home off the market.

Detective Senior Sergeant Don Heise, said in a statement to the AFP: “We have a number of previous complaints where family members have taken property off another family member, but if this is a true scam then it is the first of its kind.”

Australia's Consumer Protection department is also investigating how the scammers could have posed as the owner, and has urged real estate agents to be more vigilant in the future.