CEG Slams Britain's Digital Radio Switchover Plan

A report published by the Consumer Expert Group has blasted the UK government's plans for a digital radio switch over by 2015.

The CEG, which comprises of representatives of Age UK, the Royal National Institute for Blind People and the Voice of the Listener and Viewer, called for a "full cost benefit analysis from a user perspective" of the whole project, according to The Telegraph.

The report, which was prepared on behalf of the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, also criticised Digital Radio UK and Radio Centre for "scaring" consumers into switching to digital radios.

The experts said that Digital Radio UK and Radio Centre will have to come up with more compelling content for audiences to move to digital radio, rather then asking other media organisations, like the BBC, to share its content.

It said that there was no need to bully the customers into buying digital radios with the pretext of offering the same analogue channels in digital format.

The report read: “Listeners should be convinced to adopt digital radio through compelling content, not bullied to do so to maintain access to the programmes they enjoy on analogue.”