Chattanooga Offering Fastest Internet In The US

Chattanooga, a city in southern Tennessee, has unveiled the fastest broadband service in the United States.

Google had planned to offer the fastest broadband service in the US, but has been beaten by the municipally-owned service provider.

The Chattanooga Electric Power Board plans to offer one gigabyte per second speed for broadband to users in the city of Chattanooga through its new EPB Fibre optics network, news agency the Associated Press reports.

The project, which is expected to service nearly 100,000 homes and enterprises in the city, costs $350 per month. It will cover an area of 600 square-mile and 9 county service areas.

"By offering the fastest available speeds to a whole community comprising a diverse population living in both urban and rural areas, Chattanooga has become the living laboratory for today's innovations and tomorrow's companies," said president and CEO of the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce, Tom Edd Wilson.

The project, which is in collaboration with Alcatel-Lucent, will offer speeds at least 200 times faster than the average speed in the US.