Facebook Privacy Issues Overblown, Claims Zuckerberg

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has claimed that the Facebook privacy concerns were blown well out of proportion.

The founder and CEO of Facebook, 26 year old Mark Zuckerberg, believes that the privacy concerns raised by advocacy groups and users across the globe have been blown out of proportion, the Telegraph has reported.

"A lot of people who are worried about privacy and those kinds of issues will take any minor mis-step that we make and turn it into as big a deal as possible," Zuckerberg told The New Yorker magazine.

According to Zuckerberg, Facebook attempted to turn the world into an open place, but regulators and users had issues with changed privacy settings.

Andrea Hall, mother of Ashleigh Hall, a teenager who was raped and murdered by 33 year old Peter Chapman after he befriended her by pretending to be a teenager on Facebook, was outraged by the claims.

“Mark Zuckerberg is a disgrace. Privacy is the most important thing and it may well have saved my daughter’s life," she said.

“Facebook has a responsibility to protect the privacy of vulnerable young people who use it.”