Intel Sandy Bridge Processors To Ship In 2011

Intel has announced that its newly unveiled Sandy Bridge processors will start shipping in 2011.

The new chip, according to Intel, will revolutionise the PC industry.

Sandy Bridge chips, which have been renamed as second generation Intel Core processors, are designed to integrate a microprocessor with a graphics processor in a single silicon chip.

Intel hopes that the new chip architecture will change the face of the computing industry by offering better graphics, enhanced efficiency in notebooks and result in boosting the overall performance of a computer system.

The company, which unveiled the chip during the Intel Developer Forum, explained that Sandy Bridge will come with next generation Intel Turbo Boost technology, Intel Advanced Vector Extension and Intel Hyper Threading technology.

Intel said informed that the new chip architecture will not support Microsoft's DirectX 11 multimedia and games accelerator. However, it will support DirectX 10.1 and Open CL 1.1.

Intel CEO Paul Otellini said in a statement: “Sandy Bridge will revolutionise PCs again. On one single chip, we've put in place all the critical capabilities for computing. This is a very important chip for Intel.”