Intel Shows Off Ray-Traced Gaming At IDF 2010

Intel has demoed a real-time ray traced version of the game Castle Wolfenstein, using four servers running on Knights Ferry software development platform.

The game was being ray traced in real-time in the cloud and was being streamed to a laptop display. Judging by the the demo, Intel seems serious about re-entering the high-end gaming market. The game contained computer intensive graphics, including light reflection and refraction.

The images, which were being displayed at 40 to 80 frames per second, had a resolution of 1280 by 720.

The Knights Ferry software development platform has been derived from the Larrabee project, which was earlier abandoned by Intel, and is now being aimed towards the high-performance computing market.

Daniel Pohl, a researcher at Intel, said in a statement to tech news site TG Daily: “[Its] many Integrated Core (MIC) architecture [is] targeted towards the High-Performance Computing (HPC) market - [rather than] individual gamers.”