Microsoft Office 2011 For Mac Coming Soon

Microsoft has released the Office 2011 for Mac for final testing and production.

According to tech news site Apple Insider, the Mac Business Unit team at the Redmond-based software giant has classified Office for Mac 2011 as "Release to Manufacture".

"We made a big commitment to invest heavily in 'the basics' - fundamentals of software quality including design polish and finish, consistency and usability, and particularly performance and responsiveness, and to re-engineer our internal development processes around those goals," Geoff Price, product unit manager of Mac BU team has written in a blogpost.

The blog also consists of a visual demo for Office for Mac 2011, depicting features that have not been included in the suite which currently boasts the latest template gallery, visual basic support, advanced Outlook, Sparklines, photo editing and a new ribbon interface.

The announcement by the development team supports the rumour that Office 2011 for Mac will be released by 26 October 26.