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Nokia Mocks Apple At Nokia World 2010

Nokia has slammed Apple during the Nokia World 2010 event, mocking its FaceTime feature.

At the beginning of his keynote speech, Niklas Savander, Nokia’s Executive Vice President for marketing, played an audio clip of iOS chief Scott Forstall taken from the recent Apple event.

In the clip, Forstall claims that the FaceTime feature is all about "connecting people", which is Nokia's tagline.

Savander said that "connecting people" was more than just a feel-good tagline at Nokia, which it pursued as a passion, adding that the tagline is more relevant to Nokia than to Apple, as Nokia has more than one billion mobile users worldwide, tech news site Electricpig (opens in new tab) reports.

The Nokia executive continued his attack on Apple, specifically the iPhone 4, when he introduced the new Nokia N8 smartphone, claiming that the device offered "great performance, day in day out, no matter how you hold it."

Savander had other rivals on his hit list as well as he informed that Nokia sold more Symbain devices than Apple's iOS and Google's Android OS combined.

"We’re not going to apologise for the fact we’re not Apple or Google or Samsung, or anyone else,” he said.

“We’re Nokia. Our market is the world, and when it comes to our customers we know that just one device will not satisfy all of them.” monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.