Nokia World 2010: Nokia E7

Nokia announced at Nokia World 2010 the E7, the latest handset in the communicator series and the first model since 2007.

The E7 arrives with a 4-inch AMOLED touch screen display, with the same ClearBlack technology as the C6 only with the largest screen Nokia has in a handset.

The phone was previously rumored to be called the N9, as for all intents and purposes it is their N8 flagship consumer handset only with a slide out Qwerty keyboard and the same 16GB of internal memory.

Nokia's E7 arrives running the latest OS, featured on the N8, C6 and C7 with more business focussed features than those other handsets.

The Finnish fone makers are touting the E7 as having real-time, secure access to corporate email inboxes from the likes of Microsoft Exchange.

Nokia's last slide out keyboard based handset was the N97, launched in 2008 where the mini N97 was unveiled at Nokia World 2009 - both of which were more consumer aimed than business.

Nokia E7 is due out later on in the year, with the expected cost of Euro 495 SIM free and unlocked. The mobile phone manufacturer mentioned there are over 100 networks interested in the phone at launch, with the highest interest of any of their mobiles of late.

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