Ofcom Outlines Super-Fast Broadband Benefits For The Elderly

An Ofcom report has found that super fast broadband can be beneficial to the elderly and the physically handicapped.

According to a study carried out by the UK telecom and media regulator Ofcom, super-fast broadband networks will provide elderly and physically disabled people improved access to information and technology, ISPreview reports.

Published by Ofcom's Advisory Committee on Older and Disabled people (ACOD), the study was conducted by i2 Media Research.

"In the future, there is likely to be more personalised access to information and services, meaning that people who previously faced exclusion from services because of difficulties in accessing them could find their routes to access easier," the report read.

According to the report, high capacity broadband will enable authorities to deliver services, including remote health monitoring, tele medicine and life long learning initiatives, to people at their doorstep.

"Now that we are all going to be working for longer, and there is a desire to tackle worklessness and encourage the economically inactive to become economically active once more, technology can help people who are often at the periphery of our society – such as disabled or older people – to play a more active role in the economy and in their local communities," Jo Connell, chairman of the OAC, said.