Steve Jobs caught with throwing stars at airport

A Japanese magazine reports that Apple head Steve Jobs has vowed never to return to the country following an incident with throwing stars at Kansai International Airport.

According to Bloomberg, which spotted and translated the somewhat bizarre claim in Japanese magazine Spa!, the report details an incident in which airport security officials detected Japanese throwing stars - also known as 'shuriken' - in Jobs' carry-on luggage back in July.

As is customary when you've got prohibited weapons about to be placed on an aeroplane, security officials stopped Jobs from boarding and told him to leave the bladed weapons behind.

Despite putting forward the convincing argument that he was unlikely to be attempting to hijack his own private jet, Jobs was refused the right to board until he removed the weapons from his luggage. Incensed by such commands, Jobs allegedly threw the blades away - hopefully in a safe manner - before declaring that he would never again return to Japan.

Apple, for its part, is refusing to comment on the truth behind the magazine's claims. Officials at Kansai International Airport have been somewhat more forthcoming, confirming that a passenger on a private jet was stopped at the security checkpoint for possession of shuriken but refusing to confirm the person's identity.

Whether or not Jobs keeps to his threat to stay out of Japan, one thing is for sure: he'll probably pick a different kind of souvenir for his next trip.