Verizon Wireless Looking To Launch Own Android App Store?

Verizon Wireless has always been Google's preferred mobile partner ever since the launch of Google Nexus One but things, it seems, may start to turn sour as US mobile phone carrier plans to launch V CAST Apps, its own version of Google's marketplace.

Androidandme says that Verizon opened submissions for the Android Apps to be included in V CAST at the beginning of the year and that the whole thing is not unlike Apple's App Store with a proper approval process and a detailed evaluation.

Phandroid provides with more details saying that there's no testing fees, the applications will be billed directly to the customer bill (no CC or Paypal fees) and that developers will be able to keep 70 per cent of the revenues generated.

V Cast Apps Store will be available for all Android devices on Verizon Wireless supporting Android OS 2.2. It is not known whether previous version will be supported initially.

It would be interesting to find out how the other carriers like Vodafone, a strategic Google partner and one which already has Vodafone 360, will react.

Some are already criticising Verizon Wireless for essentially trying to fragment the market even more, something that will benefit Apple primarily.