Vodafone To Adopt Data Tiers For Mobiles?

Vodafone's CEO, Vittorio Colao, stated that mobile networks are likely to introduce data tiers in order to improve quality of service.

Mr Colao told an audience at Nokia World 2010 in London that "The principle here must be that, a bit like motorways or hotels, every class of service must have its own price and customers must be able to pay for whatever level of service he or she wants - we cannot penalise those who pay more."

Vodafone, Colao explained, sees a third of its users browse the web, a similar proportion for business purposes and a quarter for playing games.

The CEO of the world's biggest mobile phone network defended his position and said that data pricing has to be adjusted.

Since the beginning of the year, all major mobile phone networks have moved away from an "unlimited data" download stance to one where data caps have been put in place.

Colao predicts that more will come as networks struggle to keep pace with the rising number of resource-guzzling smartphones from Google and Apple amongst others.

Last month, net-neutrality proponents were alarmed that Google and Verizon Wireless - which is part owned by Vodafone in the US - were caught discussing about the details linked to a net neutrality deal between the two companies.