Warns Of Insurance Hikes For Social Networkers has warned users of the possibility of a hike in their home insurance premium if they check into social networking websites.

According to the Cardiff-based price comparison website, companies may increase home insurance premium rates for users who remain active on social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, Wales Online reports.

“What’s happened in the US could be the start of a worrying trend and if insurance providers see it as a potential risk, you can bet your home contents on the fact they’ll start pricing for it," wrote the chief of home insurance, Gareth Kloet on

The news comes in wake of a series of robberies in Nashua, New Hampshire, resolved last week. The police arrested three men on suspicion of looting at least 50 houses by using status updates on Facebook to make sure the houses were empty.

The price comparison portal has advised users to refrain from posting any information about the location, not to follow unknown people on social networking websites and to switch off location-based features on Facebook and Twitter to prevent burglary.