HCDP Master Key May Have Leaked

Media companies hoping to protect their content with DRM tools may have suffered a blow with reports suggesting that the High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HCDP) master key code has been leaked.

HDCP code is a DRM technology used by music and movie industries to safe-guard their High Definition content stored on Blu-Ray discs from copyright infringement. If the master key has been leaked, then it means that consumers will be able to make as many copies of the content as they want.

After the master key was leaked, it was found by those looking to bypass DRM protection and was shared across the web via social networks, including Twitter.

The technology was developed by chip maker Intel and was regulated by Digital Content Protection.

It has not yet been confirmed that the master key has actually been leaked.

“We have heard/seen the rumours and are checking them out but have nothing more to say,” an Intel spokesperson said in a statement to PC Mag.

“We'll let you know if that changes.”