HTC Unveils Updated Sense User Interface

HTC has revealed a new version of its proprietary user interface, Sense UI, with some features that transform the skin into a significantly more powerful tool.

Unveiled by HTC's chief marketing director, John Wang, the new Sense UI will introduce a unified inbox, not unlike that on the iPhone, with a VIP list of friends whose emails will be pushed first, a bit like Google's own priority inbox, with the rest being downloaded in the background.

One interesting new addition is the ability for the OS to pre-load or pre-cache maps to deliver minimal lag when zooming or panning. How this will affect your data allowance on the move remains to be seen.

The new Sense UI will also allow data to be transferred to DLNA compliant devices wirelessly; this, we assume, will depend on the handset and we can expect DLNA to be available on most future mainstream HTC handsets and devices (tablets...).

The last salient feature unveiled today is the, a website which you can't access without a password for now, but which will allow users to store their details remotely, trace your lost phone via GPS, remote wipe and lock the device.

How much of this will be available on older phones, will the be free and when will it be available are some of the many questions that remain to be answered.