IBM Launches InfoSphere Guardium 8 Security Software

IBM has released new enterprise data protection software designed to monitor the use of applications and data in an organisation and report irregularities.

The InfoSphere Guardium 8 has been designed to simply the manner in which data and software are protected in an organisation by providing a set of automated and centralised tools.

The software tool will also reduce the cost which goes into maintaining and auditing compliance in an organisation.

IBM believes that the software is apt for enterprises looking to secure the data from internal and external security threats.

The company explained that the software could be embedded in every database and applications running in an organisation to ensure data safety and compliance.

The InfoSphere Guardium 8 software includes protection against fraud for SAP systems, protection of SharePoint files and provides additional security features for IBM and non-IBM database mainframes.

Arvind Krishna, the general manager for IBM's Information Management division, said in a statement: “Data is the new currency for business and safeguarding that investment is a primary concern for businesses across every industry.”