Intel Announced CE4200 Atom Processor Series

One year after the launch of the CE4200, Intel has presented the new Intel CE4200, formerly known as Groveland, at IDF event in San Francisco.

The SoC is manufactured on a 45nm process and most probably based on the Moorestown architecture launched in May 2010 (ed : An Atom Z610 maybe) and which comes with a 720p H.264 encoder.

Intel did not provide with more information regarding the chip except that it comes with integrated power management features and "increased transport streams for next generation gateway designs".

ADB, Sagemcom, Samsung and Technicolor are all developing products that will use the CE4200. Its predecessor, the CE4100 is currently being used in the Google TV and the Boxee Box.

It is a 1.2GHz part (possibly a Z515) that comes with 512KB, a GMA600 graphics unit and has a TDP of up to 9W. It does however use only one die for improved thermals and reduced costs.

Intel also announced that the current Atom family will be called Bonnell and will be comprise of five members.