Intel Launches AppUp Store

Intel has launched its new application store on the second day of its Intel Developer Forum (IDF) event.

The chip giant has launched the final version of its AppUp application store for Microsoft's Windows OS and MeeGo OS, a Nokia and Intel collaboration product, tech news site eWeek reports.

While addressing the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in San Francisco, keynote speaker Renne James, senior vice president and general manager of the software and service division at Intel, announced that the app store had gone live.

"We think of ourselves as technologists or developers of software. What we do is deliver experiences through our technology. Computing has transformed from something that we do to do something that we feel," said James, opening the keynote.

According to James, the app store has been visited by 450,000 users since it going to beta nine months ago. The store currently hold of 800 applications, of which 30 per cent are free.

Intel has partnered UK-based Best Buy and Dixons and India's Croma to sell applications for notebooks in its new store.