Israel Buys Twitter Account From Pornographer

The government of Israel has announced that it has purchased the Twitter account '@israel' from a Miami-based pornographer.

Government representatives have denied knowing who they were buying the account from.

“It was not important to know who he was and what he used the account for. We needed to have the name of Israel because we are the state of Israel,” Paul Hirschson, the deputy consul general for Israel in Miami, said in a statement to the AFP.

The original owner of the account, Israel Meléndez, said that he hardly ever used the @israel Twitter account as every tweet he made was met with a barrage of anti-Semitic messages fro people thinking that the account belonged to the State of Israel.

The Israeli government has declined to say how much was paid for the site, but the Net York Times reports Meléndez as describing the sum as "adequate".