LG launches two Android 'Foyo' handsets

Korean electronics giant Lucky Goldstar has now properly launched a pair of Google OS run mobile phones, the LG Optimus One and Optimus Chic.

One Mobile Ring published news of these two handsets back in July this year entering the Optimus range, but LG didn't provide any further details at the time.

Both the Optimus One and Chic will arrive running the latest shipping version of Android, version 2.2. LG believe these handsets will be in the first wave of mobiles to tip up with the newest Google OS, although they will be hot on the heels of Windows Phone 7 mobiles.

Optimus One ships with a 3.2-inch capacitive touch screen, with a 600Mhz processor and a 3 megapixel camera with DLNA support.

These handsets are firmly aimed at the consumer, with LG's own 'user-friendly' UI running on top of Android 'Froyo'.

The Optimus One could be their flagship consumer phone, as the emphasis is firmly on this handset with little details being passed out to the media about the Chic.

LG has noted the Optimus One will arrive in over 90 countries with 120 partners picking the handset up in October, although no costs have been announced as yet.

Originally published at OneMobileRing.com