News@5: A New Google Doodle, @israel & Halo: Reach Breaks Records

Google has marked the 120 birthday of the legendary mystery writer Agatha Christie with a doodle on its homepage. The internet search giant has celebrated the anniversary of the famous British author with an elaborate doodle depicting the famous Belgian detective from her novels, Hercule Poirot.

Halo: Reach has managed to break its first Xbox 360 record, that of the number of Xbox live users simultaneously playing online. Bungie, the developer behind the game, posted yesterday that Halo: Reach has surpassed the all-time record for Halo 3 concurrent unique users on Live.

Consumer Reports has once again criticised Apple for its attitude towards issues found in the iPhone 4, saying that still won't endorse the device. The American magazine, published by Consumers Union every month, has issued a non-recommendation in the wake of Apple's decision to stop offering free bumpers to iPhone 4 owners.

The government of Israel has announced that it has purchased the Twitter account '@israel' from a Miami-based pornographer. Government representatives have denied knowing who they were buying the account from.

Apple has denied reports that claim Steve Jobs tried to carry Ninja 'throwing stars' in his luggage. The compoany has claimed that the story published by a Japanese magazine is a work of fiction.