One-Third Of Adults Have Apps On Their Phones

According to a new study conducted by the Pew Internet & American Life Project, 35 per cent of adults have mobile applications installed on their mobile phones.

The study also found that only 24 per cent of adults actually use the applications installed on their devices.

The Pew study comes at a time when the application market is booming, with companies like Google, Research in Motion and Samsung building their own application stores to entice smartphone users away from Apple's successful App Store.

The study, which was concluded after surveying 1,917 people, found that around 29 per cent claimed to have downloaded an application, but only 13 per cent claimed to have paid for one, paying no more than $3 to purchase it.

Also, 44 per cent of young phone users, aged between 18 to 29, had applications on their smartphones, 52 per cent of them claiming to have download an application.

The study found men to be more inclined to have an application on their smartphones with 57 per cent of men having applications compared to 43 per cent of women.