Oxford Neuroscientist Warns Of Technology's Impact On The Brain

New research has suggested that constant use of the internet may redesign the way a human brain functions.

According to a study conducted by Oxford University neuroscientist Susan Greenfield, modern technology may have a severe, negative impact on the way a brain works, news agency the Press Association reports.

The scientist has urged the government and private organisations to look into the effects constant gaming, internet use and social networking platforms have on the brain, which she referred to as "mind change".

"For me this is almost as important as climate change.I think the quality of our existence is threatened. We need to recognise this as an issue rather than sweeping it under the carpet," said Greenfield while addressing the British Science Festival at Aston University in Birmingham.

According to the Baroness, the possible benefits of using modern technology could include increasing IQ and the ability to process information at a faster speed.

She said, however, that it also leads to reduced empathy among users.