Parallels App Brings Windows To iOS Devices

Parallels has launched a new mobile application and upgraded virtualisation software at the Demo Fall 2010 event.

The Washington-based firm introduced a new application for mobile phones, allowing iOS users to remotely access their Parallel accounts to run Windows applications, tech news site TG Daily reports.

"iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch [owners can now] utilize Windows applications running on their [desktop or laptop] Macs [with Parallels Desktop 6] from any network, from anywhere, at any time," said a spokesperson for Apple.

The latest application enables Apple device owners, including iPhones, iPods and iPads, to access Windows applications along with Mac apps at the same time. The free app is available for systems that run the Parallel Desktop software.

The virtualisation software maker has also launched sixth version of Desktop 6 for Mac at the event.

The upgraded Desktop for Mac software, that has been released with 80 new and improved features is being touted as 40 per cent faster than its previous version.