Powercolor branches out into PSUs

Die-hard AMD graphics partner and inventor of the PowerJack, Powercolor has decided it's time to expand into other gaming related businesses; In this case PSUs, cracking open a new, highly-competitive market for the company.

With an initial line-up of four power supplies (two different ranges), Powercolor is aiming for the enthusiast and gamer market with power supplies from 500W up to 1000W.

The Extreme series consists of a 1000W and 800W power supplies, cable management (ie: modular cabling) and 80 Plus Bronze certification. The cooling comes from a low-noise double ball-bearing 140mm fan.

The cable management system will allow just about any combination of cabling, although there are some fixed connectors for the basic plugs like the 20+4 pin main connector. All the cabling comes in 60cm length but HDD cabling - as it powers more than one HDD at a time, extends to 90cm length. The PSUs in this series have 12V quad rails and four 8-pin PEG connectors that will power your more radical SLI and CrossfireX rigs.

On the lower-end of the food chain, Powercolor has the 600W and 500W Gaming series PSUs, which differ from the Extreme by not having modular cabling and "only" 80 Plus certification. These also sport low-noise fans, only 12cm ones.

All PSUs are ATX v2.2 and have the almighty Japanese-made capacitors which - according to myth - will outlive your grandchildren.

If you're interested, you can go on the Powercolor website gawk at the PSUs now and even can register to win a 1000W Extreme-series power supply.