Samsung Galaxy Tab Available For £799 At Amazon

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is currently available from Amazon UK for £799, which is significantly more expensive that the £608 we've seen before on another online retailer's website.

We're not sure whether this is a misprice but the fact that customers cannot preorder and that there's not even a release date could indicate that the page if nothing more than temporary placeholder.

Samsung knows that it would be suicidal to sell the Galaxy Tab at £799 when its fiercest competitor, the iPad costs significantly less - you can buy the 16GB Wi-Fi version for as little as £429.

However extraordinarily well specced the tablet it, pricing it at £799 would put off the overwhelming majority of would-be buyers.

What's more, even at £600, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is almost twice the price of the Toshiba Folio 100, an Android-based tablet with a bigger screen.

As explained before, we suspect that the sky-high price of the Galaxy Tab may be linked to a covert strategy by Samsung to make the device look positively affordable on contracts when it is launched.

After all, if you can get the Galaxy Tab for £35 a month on a two year contract and its SIM Free version costs £799, then you're only paying £40 extra over the 24 months period.

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